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If the accident at work leads to death, the surviving dependents (widow, widower, orphan, half-orphan) can claim a survivor’s pension (pension due to death). Employees generally benefit from statutory accident insurance, since they are automatically compulsorily insured. The self-employed can take out voluntary insurance. Special rules apply to other professional groups (e.g. civil servants, doctors). Opting for the best lawyers is the best choice now.

Increased Needs

If the victim has financial expenses that regularly arise due to the accident-related injuries, one speaks of increased needs. These are always to be replaced by the damaging party. A professional lawyer is all you need to have. You can also go for the bankruptcy lawyers near me.

These include, for example:

  • disabled vehicles,
  • disabled-friendly living,
  • special diets,
  • electronic writing aids,
  • Domestic helpers,
  • Personal care products,
  • artificial fertilization,
  • cures,
  • orthopedic aids,
  • Care costs,
  • Private lessons for students,

Here too, the health insurance, pension insurance, long-term care insurance or professional association that pays in advance can demand the sums paid back directly from the injured party. If there was an accident at work, statutory accident insurance pays for the injured person’s increased needs. Housekeeping damage Housekeeping Damage after traffic accident Attorney. The right law firm can offer you the best lawyer.

Financial Management Damage

If the injured party cannot or can only manage his household to a limited extent due to accident-related injuries, he is entitled to compensation. The law firms are there for the perfect choice.

Relevant household activities include:

  • Shop,
  • Food preparation and kitchen work,
  • Cleaning,
  • Planning and organization of the household,
  • Washing and ironing laundry,
  • Childcare,
  • Looking after and caring for relatives,
  • Maintenance and repair,
  • Garden maintenance.

The amount of compensation depends, among other things, on

  • the degree of injury-related limitation of the victim,
  • the size of the household,
  • the household equipment,
  • Presence (and size) of a garden,
  • the number of people in the household,
  • the number of children or relatives to be looked after in the household,
  • the employment of the injured party,
  • the duration of an inpatient hospital stay of the victim
  • and other individual factors.

If, for example, a married housewife who lives with her single-earning husband and 3 small children in a large house with a garden is seriously injured, tens of thousands of euros in housekeeping damage can quickly arise over longer calculation periods. Counterexample: If the victim lives in a one-person household without a garden, only a very small amount of housekeeping damage is incurred during an inpatient hospital stay because the (only) resident is absent. You need an attorney for these works.

When determining the injury-related percentage of the restriction, it is not the reduction in earning capacity (MdE) determined by the doctor or the degree of disability (GdB) determined by the pension insurance that is important, but the household-specific reduction in earning capacity. The perfect works are done by the attorneys.

The housekeeping damage is to be reimbursed, regardless of whether the injured party

  • keeps the household alone despite injury,
  • is supported free of charge by relatives or friends in the household,
  • employed a maid for a fee.

Tables serve as an aid to the calculation, but they must not be used purely schematically. Rather, the respective special case must be considered in detail. The legal supports are there.

If the injured party has not hired household help, the calculated housekeeping expenses (in hours) must be multiplied by the hourly wages for household helpers customary in the area in order to quantify the damages. One then speaks of fictitious housekeeping damage. You need the best options there.

Claims of Relatives of The Injured

If the victim is hospitalized in an accident due to an accident, his or her relatives can visit

  • Ride costs,
  • Accommodation costs,
  • Food costs,
  • loss of earnings

Assert if

  • it is close relatives or life partners and
  • the visits were medically necessary and
  • the expenses were economical and inevitable.

The time spent by visitors and the financial expense for gifts for the injured are non- refundable. The visit costs are not to be claimed by the visitors, but by the injured person.

Funeral Costs

If the injured party has died as a result of the consequences of the traffic accident, the injured party or its liability insurance must reimburse the costs of a proper burial.

This includes the cost of

  • the undertaker,
  • Overpasses,
  • Loss of earnings on the occasion of the funeral,
  • the first creation of the tomb,
  • a cremation,
  • a usual funeral,
  • the flower arrangement,
  • the tombstone,
  • Death certificates,
  • Mourning,
  • Obituaries and Thanks,
  • Hospitality and Accommodation of mourners,
  • Funeral fees (ecclesiastical, official).

The (additional) costs for

  • Double or family grave,
  • certificates of inheritance,
  • Photos,
  • Family travel to funeral,
  • Grave care and Maintenance,
  • reburial,
  • Estate administration u. Probate.

The person who has to bear the funeral costs is eligible. In most cases, these are the family members of the deceased.

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